Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Do’s for Website Promotion

The internet has become a household tool that everyone knows how to use it seems. Even first graders know how to wiz around on the web faster than I do sometimes. But while it is now a common place part of our lives, as a small business owner, do we effectively use it to benefit your own business?

Your Website

Just because you have a website does not mean people (your potential customers) will see it. Yes, it can make your small business look as capable as a large business but the people still have to see it. The need to promote your website is just as important the budget you developed to get it built.  So once the gate is built, you have to develop ways to keep it open for your target audience to find it and either go shopping on it or learn more about your small business.  You have got to promote the website to make this happen.

 Promotion of Your Website

To make your website promotion effective, a small business owner needs to decide why do you want to be on the web anyway? Some reasons come to mind immediately – to communicate to staff or customers. Another one is to share your knowledge about a topic so you appear to be a source of information for people seeking that information. Thirdly, it is a way to show your business’s personality so people know what to expect when they go in. Or it is one method customer’s can shop your store. Hopefully, you know your reasons for wanting to be on the web and use them as a guide in developing your website.

 Website Efficiency

Understand for a website to be effective, you need to constantly adopt and adapt it to what is happening in the marketplace. Understanding what is working is essential to a successful website promotion.  If it works, keep it on the site and tie it your other promotional activities. If it is not,
then adapt it by trying new ideas.  You should always be aware of the new techniques or ideas that exist in your industry and be willing to give them a try.

 Ten Commandments to Follow

A book called “Streetwise Low Cost Web Site Promotion” suggests the following 10 Commandments of website Promotion.
1)      You need to make a commitment to planning and doing website promotion so you can stay on top of your competitors.
2)      Know your visitors so you can make sure your website delivers their wants and needs and drive traffic to your business or create online sales.
3)      Be open to learning new things to help you promote your website.
4)      Don’t be afraid to look at competitor’s websites and borrow their techniques if you see a need for them.
5)      Be like Gumby, the ‘80’s TV character, always willing to go with the times (when it makes sense).
6)      Make changes to your website based on feedback from your visitors and users.
7)      Use the analytics from your search engines to help make decisions.
8)      Your decisions on website promotion will be based on their ROI not personal favorites.
9)      Take at least 1 hour per day to work on website promotion.
10)  Do not spam.

If you have questions about your website marketing or general business questions, feel free to contact Richard Proffer, business development specialist for the University of Missouri Extension at 573-243-3581 or email him at  

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